Infant Program

The infant room provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for infants to explore throughout their day. Experiences with teachers, peers, language, music, books, water, art, and movement enhance children's growth and development. All these experiences are documented for families on daily sheets, as well as being communicated at drop off and pick up times. The infant room environment is planned to be safe and stimulating for all children. One way we keep the room clean and safe for infants is by maintaining a "shoeless" environment. Infants benefit most from individualized care and should be allowed to follow their own schedule for eating, sleeping, and playing. We look forward to developing relationships with the children and their families.


Two-Year Old Program

Our toddler program begins to establish a classroom routine.  The two-year olds have a circle time, where they are in a group for story time, singing, and sharing.  Communication skills are encouraged.  They have playtime, where their social and physical development are encouraged.  Art activities begin as children learn ways to use materials and express their creative ability.  The toddlers begin to learn through their stimulating experiences in an environment that is safe and free from stress.


Three-Year Old Program

Children continue to have "circle time", play time, and art time.  The curriculum in the three-year old class becomes more academic.  Children develop the ability to identify colors and shapes.  They begin to identify and name their upper and lower case letter as well as counting and identifying numbers 1-10.  They begin to write their first names. Children use crayons, paints, glue, and begin to use scissors to cut straight and wavy lines.  The classroom has areas for books and puzzles, a computer, dramatic play in a kitchen and dress-up area, manipulative toys and blocks.  Children can play in groups or find a quiet place to play alone.  Science, social studies, cooking activities and class trips are part of the curriculum.

Four-Year Old/Preschool Program

Stories, songs and art activities are centered around our weekly and monthly themes.  Children continue to have "circle time", play time, and art time.  The curriculum is more academic and the goal is to prepare your child for kindergarten.  Children will have the ability to identify all thier colors and shapes.  They are more ready to read and write at this age.  They acheive the ability to identify, name and write all of their upper and lower case letters and build phonemic awareness skills.  They learn to write their first and last names.  In math, the children learn to identify and write their numbers 1-10, and learn skills like sequencing, patterning, equivalent numbers-equal, more and less than, fractions, money and time.  The children will be encouraged to recite their name, address and phone number.  We have science and social studies activities as well as activities for health and safety.  We celebrate monthly holidays, have cooking experiences, and take part in class trips.